The company was founded in 2007 in Sharjah, which is one of the seven emirates of the U.A.E. The company specializes in the supply and installation of all types of laboratory microscopes. Olympus world marked the beginning of educational microscopes and the access to microscopes for research and advanced technologies.

The company's founder and Director , Mr. Ihab Abdel Zaher ,developed Al Muthathawerah through years of in depth experience in the field of microscopes for laboratory and special microscopes since 1990. He managed to evolve the trade of medical and laboratory equipment to almost 80% of the microscope market in the U.A.E. This unique success is what the company seeks to ensure growth when faced with the confidence of bigger  international companies in that area. Being the sole agent for the products of a global company, with the reputation such as OLYMPUS.

According to Mr. Ihab, general manager and founder of the company,"the company's primary goal is to develop and increase the capacity of users of these types of laboratory microscopes, and to give the best results in terms of use, maintenance and preservation of excellent performance and also that the secret of success is the right company"

Adding to Mr.Ihab`s above statement,"The company plans to develop and deepen the experience in the use of microscopes in various medical fields, industrial and to the degree of access enables the user to determine the quality of the application appropriate for the work and draw the best results."

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